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Turn and Face the Strange: Instagram Artists' Residency

Updated: Apr 23

When someone says David Bowie, what do you think about?

It is highly likely that you are able to name at least one song of his songs. There is also a good chance that this song has had some level of impact upon your life.

David Bowie is widely accepted as one of the country's most influential and successful pop artists. More than that, Bowie embraced ‘different’ and brought ‘the strange’ into popular culture, reaching out to individuals who felt trapped by suburban conformity.

As a song writer and a performance artist Bowie challenged gender stereotypes, explored gender fluidity and broke through sexual boundaries, dismissing cultural expectation during a time when homosexuality was not as widely accepted. Similarly, in the midst of his musical success Bowie directly confronted and criticised MTV during an interview, regarding the lack of black musicians featured on the music platform. Bowie represents a movement. A liberation. A much-needed change.

Through his power and influence he made it much easier for people to turn and face the strange. 

Creative City is currently taking applications from emerging artists based in Greater Manchester to take part in our Bowie themed residency to celebrate the launch of our new Instagram account.

Is there a subject that you feel passionate about changing that inspires you as an artist? Is your work made to inspire change?

Creative City are offering their fresh new Instagram as a podium for artists to who want people to face the strange.

Selected artists will take over the Instagram for a short period of time to showcase both completed works and developing projects surrounding the theme of equality and making change.

We will add paid promotion to a selection of our resident artist's images to increase visibility.

We are asking for short proposals explaining what you would like to exhibit on our Instagram and what change you would like to make people turn and face. Deadline ongoing. Submit via curator space here:

Curated by Chantelle Exley