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Olivia’s Quarantine Fashion Challenge! Take part in this Bolton youth art competition.

Updated: Apr 23

Welcome to the Creative Community Competition! The competition goes live on Monday 1st June! This is how you can enter:

This is a youth-led project there to inspire you to get creative during lockdown. Following Creative City’s Community Slice project in Bolton, Olivia is about to launch her own positive community project, after young people from the area voted to fund Olivia’s idea. Tell us more Olivia…

What is the project?

My project is a competition to enhance people’s artistic creativity during quarantine.

How do people take part?

To take part you need to check out the prompt for the week, then post a picture on your instagram and tag @creativecityGM or email it to

What kind of style should people draw their designs in?

The way you draw it is entirely up to you, all styles welcome!

What if people are new to drawing or don’t know how to draw?

Don't worry, beginners are welcome! I’ll add some youtube links to help you get started.

How to draw a basic body:

Ideas for how to draw hair:



How should I find inspiration?

You could start by making a list of corona-busting ideas, for example I thought of corona-zapping gloves, and extendable hand to push people 2 meters away and a hand-sanitiser squirter. You can even use those if you want. Then turn these into an outfit.

Here’s an example drawing I did to inspire you.

Do you have to live in a certain place to take part?

To take part you can live anywhere but to be eligible to win a prize int he competition you have to live in Tonge or The Haulgh in Bolton.

How does it feel to lead your own project for the community?

Personally, it feels amazing because it helps my community stay creative and gives someone something to do during the pandemic.