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Meet the team: Pavia Ward

Updated: Apr 23

As part of our 2nd birthday celebrations, we asked our team members a few questions about what they do at Creative City, their proud moments and hopes for the future.

Creative City: How would you describe what you do?

Pavia Ward: I am a musician who uses my craft and personal life experiences as a tool to connect with others and bring out the best in people with the hope to inspire communities to become more self-sufficient, showing that creativity is accessible to everyone and an integral part of our society.

CC: What motivates you?

PW: Justice motivates me.

I have a firm belief that we are all equal and should all have access to equal opportunities and rights. Unfortunately, I have witnessed this to not be the case for many reasons (accessibility etc) and therefore I hope to spread more empowerment throughout the communities of Manchester.

CC: How did you become involved in Creative City?

PW: My involvement with Creative City started when I met Beth whilst on a Reform Radio course based at one of the 'Creative Spaces' libraries in Longsight. We connected from the offset with me having a keen interest in the morals of the organisation and I then received a call from Beth who offered me an amazing opportunity to join the team.

CC: What do you most enjoy about working for Creative City?

PW: The thing I most enjoy about working with Creative City is seeing first hand the beneficial impact on the direct communities of Manchester. Seeing creativity flourish.

It's also been exciting seeing the library become a creative space too, transcending the realms of what the library traditionally offered.

CC: What's been your proudest moment whilst working with Creative City?

PW: One of my proudest moments working with Creative City had to be seeing the 'Culture Feast' project come to life and enjoying the celebration of such. Culture Feast was a project cultivated by a group of MEA students, and watching each of them develop their interests and skills and be so enthusiastic really inspired me. Seeing the young people so involved and directly connected to things happening within their community was something that I was very happy to see.

CC: Have there been any moments of realisation in your life/career that made you

know that this kind of work was what you wanted to do?

PW: As a teen, I was always very fortunate to have access to youth clubs, arts groups etc and in a lot of respects it shaped who I am to this date. As I grew up I started to witness the lack of such resources within the community and witness the effect of these cutbacks. It was then the fire started to burn within me to be a presence within the community of Manchester.

CC: What do you hope the future will hold for Creative City?

PW: I hope that Creative City will continue to grow in the manner that I have witnessed in my time being there. More connectivity, more liberation through arts, taking it directly to the community to steer and shape. Becoming a consistent presence imprinted into the fabric of Manchester.

CC: Who are some of your role models?

PW: I come from a strong line of women, my mother, my grandmother's, and they are a major source of inspiration for me, showing strength irrespective of circumstances and being a true pillar of strength for those around them, resonating solidarity and an ability to smile in the face of adversity.