• Beth

Launching: Community Slice Magazine

Updated: Apr 23

By young people, for young people. Community Slice Magazine is a brand new publication giving a platform for young people's vision for their community!

Look out for Community Slice Magazine in community spots around Tonge Moor, Tonge Fold and The Haulgh in Bolton, and at Bolton Museum & Central Library.

Focused on Tonge with The Haulgh, Bolton, Issue 1 is the culmination of 18 months of work seeking to answer and act on the question: 'What would make Tonge with The Haulgh a great place for young people to live?'

Stage one involved young people using creativity to explore their perceptions and experiences of their community, interviewing local decision makers, using games to debate the issues affecting them, identifying causes, using problem trees to get to grips with the issues, and setting clear and comprehensive recommendations for what would make the are a great place for young people to live. You can see all 9 recommendations set out in Community Slice Magazine, with beautiful lettering.

Stage two involved putting some of those recommendations into practice, using public artworks to celebrate positive role models and creating a film to inspire people to be themselves, as well as supporting young people to think creatively about improving their community. This process has engaged more than 50 more young people into the project. You can see a sample of all these brilliant creative projects in Community Slice Magazine.

With the support of our brilliant partners at Tonge with The Haulgh Big Local, we have been able to build on one of the key recommendations set by the young people. We are delighted to be supporting young people to take a direct decision making role in their community through a participatory budgeting project which allows young people to host a participatory budgeting event, pitch their ideas and vote on which local projects should be funded. Check out the magazine to read about ideas you can pitch, funding criteria, how to apply and more... or head to the Community Slice section of our website.