• Beth

Elisha's Role Model Drawing Challenge! Take part in this Bolton youth art competition.

Updated: Apr 23

Launching Elisha's competition for residents of Tonge & The Haulgh in Bolton! This is part of a series of three challenges put together by young people to encourage creativity during lockdown! Get involved and share your artwork to be in with a chance of winning!

What is the project?

This project is a competition to enhance people’s artistic creativity during quarantine.

How do people take part?

My prompt is Role Models! Draw your role model, and include why you look up to them. Then post it as a picture on your instagram, facebook or twitter and tag @CreativeCityGM or email it to

The deadline for entering the competition is Tuesday 30th June. You can win a £20 voucher if your work is picked by the judges to win one of the top three categories, and if you live in Tonge with The Haulgh.

What kind of style should people draw their designs in?

The way you draw it is entirely up to you, all styles welcome! You could use cartoon style, more realistic, manga style, whatever you prefer! Use pencil and add shading if you want.

What if people are new to drawing or don’t know how to draw?

Don't worry, beginners are welcome! If your first drawing isn’t perfect you can always try again until you are happy! I’ll add some youtube links to help you get started.

How to draw a head and realistic facial features:

How to draw a more cartoon approach of a head and facial features:

How should I find inspiration?

Think of the people you look up to, maybe its your parents, a celebrity or friend. Draw your role model any way that you want!

Here’s an example drawing I did to inspire you.

Do you have to live in a certain place to take part?

To take part you can live anywhere but to be eligible to win a prize in the competition you have to live in Tonge or The Haulgh in Bolton.

How does it feel to be part of a project making a difference in your community?

It makes me feel joyous because I’m motivating people to do something while we are in quarantine, so they can get creative and do something productive in lockdown.