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Brilliant Women! Meet Nickala Torkington

Updated: Apr 23

As part of International Women's Day this year, we decided to ask some of the brilliant women we've worked with over the past year to tell us more about their careers, influences and proud moments.

Nickala Torkington is a Co-Founder & Director of Flourish CIC. She is passionate about enabling people to create the change they wish to see and creatively resourcing social change.

We love working with Nickala! At Creative City we've been connected to Flourish for the past few years as both mentees and mentors! Benefitting from & contributing to a network of women changemakers in Manchester.

Creative City: How do you describe the work that you do?

Nickala Torkington: We support people to lead and create the change they see needed in communities and society. We invested time in supporting women in particular as we think they make great social innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs.

CC: Tell us about a proud moment in your career

Nickala: Ooh there have been many- directly supporting over 2000 people to develop social enterprises and 'Be the change' is one and winning the She Inspires award as Woman of the Year in Social Enterprise took the edge off turning 40!

CC: If you could smash down one barrier that (some or all) women face today, what would it be?

Nickala: It would be enabling more women to own assets, property, land and their own home. Having economic independence and security creates a level freedom, choice and long term thinking- not to mention piece of mind and a way to build legacies for families and communities.

CC: Who are some of your female role models?

Nickala: I think I have as many male role models as I have women. I'm lucky to be surrounded by inspiring changemakers all the time. People who use their lived experience, who are driven to make a change in spite of adversity and who are consistent, tenacious and resourceful inspire me. Jo Taylor at After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Beatrice Guessie at Light in the Darkness and Cis at Idle Women inspire me. Exceptional Everyday Women.

CC: Do you have a message to share with other women out there trying to make a positive change through the arts or through social enterprise?

Nickala: Crack on, you can do it and there are hundreds of others out there who have got your back on the good days and difficult days đź’ś