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Brilliant Women! Meet Michelle Udogu

Updated: Apr 23

As part of International Women's Day this year, we decided to ask some of the brilliant women we've worked with over the past year to tell us more about their careers, influences and proud moments.

Michelle Udogu is a multi-brilliant, multi-talented singer, creative practitioner, youth and community worker and craftswoman.

Creative City: How do you describe the work that you do? Michelle Udogu: I work in a variety of areas from community arts to creative therapy with all groups and individuals. My background has involved working with music for wellbeing and performance and the development of events and creative showcases. In addition I make jewellery with silver and mixed metals. I also upcycle and create pieces from recycled items and resin art jewellery. I deliver workshops and facilitate groups to develop.

CC: Tell us about a proud moment in your career

Michelle: A proud moment musically involved singing in a band where we supported Public Enemy at the Academy in Manchester.

CC: Who are some of your female role models? Michelle: Nina Simone as a vocalist and Cilla Baines who is an ex Director of Community Arts North West.

CC: If you could smash down one barrier that (some or all) women face today, what would it be? Michelle: I would smash down being bitchy with other women because of the competition or insecurity they face in their arena.

CC: Do you have a message to share with other women out there trying to make a positive change through the arts or through social enterprise? Michelle: Be yourself, Get to know the people and areas you work with. Maintain integrity. Have good intentions to better communities agendas and not your own first.

We've had the pleasure of having Michelle lead some of our creative youth projects like resin jewellery making and facilitating an amazing collaborative and empowering poetry piece created by brilliant young women in Longsight.