• Beth

BE YOURSELF! A film made by young people

Updated: Apr 23

Introducing... #BEYOURSELF

A film written, directed, filmed & performed by young people in Bolton. Sharing their powerful message: love your uniqueness & celebrate what makes you you! Respect each other's differences and be kind to one another.

The group had so much fun deciding what they wanted to say to the world and putting this film together. Well done to this amazing production team!! Really proud of this multi-talented & resourceful bunch of individuals. Many thanks to local film crew Videobox TV for facilitating & Bolton Museum and Art Gallery for hosting us!

This project came about as a request by young people from the area. They told us that there's a lot of peer pressure to be like other people - things like how you look, smoking and what you say. But they wanted to spread a different message - that actually the coolest thing you can do is just to be YOU!