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Creative City works with friends across Greater Manchester to encourage creative leadership & community spirit - using the arts.

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A lot of things are changing at the moment due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and public health advice. While we aren't running any face-to-face activities or events at the moment, we are still working hard to support communities creatively. Sign up to our mailing list for project updates, news and announcements. 

About us:


We love our city - Greater Manchester is a buzzing, creative, self-driven community of creatives, artists, instigators, activists, hobbyists and empowered citizens of the world. It's a glorious place to be!

But such wonder needs nurturing, and more work needs to be done to make sure that creative events and opportunities pop out of their bubble. The arts, creative expression, representation and communication are tools of power, and they should be in the hands of the community. Creative City is all about facilitating for citizens to drive community development, using the arts as a tool to enable community-driven change.  Our community projects reach out to people from all walks of life, creatively. Strengthening people's power to connect to their community and influence the decisions that affect them. Inspiring people to engage with big ideas in creative ways.  

We work hand-in-hand with a thriving community of organisations and community groups. Building partnerships across Greater Manchester.  We like to partner with others to help bridge gaps - bringing creative leadership skills and experience to new audiences, and helping citizens shape whats on offer to them in Manchester. 

Meet the team

Beth Powell

Beth Powell is Founder & Managing Director of Creative City England CIC. Beth is a sunny,  creative social entrepreneur. Passionate about democratic participation, inclusion and wellbeing. She is motivated to use the arts to bring out the best in people, raise confidence and encourage people to feel part of their communities. Beth is also passionate about collaboration and widening impact. Working with other organisations to lift the quality and inclusivity of what’s on offer in the city and using our projects to learn and share best practice. 


Beth moved to Manchester from South London to study more 10 years ago, and immediately felt at home here. This Laancunian loves making oversized, largely unwearable jewellery out of children’s toys, DIY, and going on big outdoor adventures with a flask of soup. 


Beth runs the day to day management of Creative City, and is often involved in the hands-on delivery of our projects too. Beth is our qualified Designated Safeguarding Lead, is a First Aider, and is qualified in education and training. 


Beth has extensive experience in delivering youth and community projects and engaging arts events and activities within a range of community settings and venues, from libraries to empty shop units to street events. Beth is an all rounder: youth worker, facilitator, trainer, mentor and manager. 

Caroline Tosal-Suprun

Caroline is Non Executive Director of Creative City. She is passionate about supporting people to address inequalities and have an impact on the issues which affect their lives. 


Caroline is originally from France and grew up in Bolton, she has a brilliant small child, and she loves to rock a feminist T-shirt! 


Caroline is a vital part of Creative City’s leadership. Her role is to use her experience and expertise to help ensure that Creative City is staying well managed, values-driven, and helping to plan for the future. She also helps problem solve challenges and supports on key safeguarding issues. 


Caroline also works as Community Development Officer for a large housing association.

Anita Kwiecien

Anita is our part-time Communications Officer. She’s behind most of the brilliant designs we use to promote our projects and events. She also helps shape our brand identity and supports our external communications.


Anita works at the intersection of Graphic Design, Hand Lettering, and Typography. She brings her love of everything hand-made to our visual identity and campaigns, making them colourful and approachable.


You can find her work at http://byanita.work or on her Instagram @lettersbyanita. 

Pavia Ward

Our part-time Project Assistant Pavia is a hip-hop artists, and born and bred Manchester soul. She is a natural motivator, passionate about lifting communities to be the best they can be and helping young people achieve their full potential.


She loves using creativity to help people find their voice. Outside of Creative City, Pavia is a full-time musician.

We work particularly closely with our two sister projects, Soap for the Future and Take Up Space. We oversee the delivery of those projects, and they help us ensure that the voices of some of the Greater Manchester's least heard citizens are at the forefront of our work. Take Up Space is a youth project using arts and media to empower young people. Soap for the Future is a craft soap company supporting initiatives that empower women displaced by violence.

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