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A lot of things are changing at the moment due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and public health advice. While we aren't running many face-to-face activities or events at the moment, we are still working hard to support communities creatively. Sign up to our mailing list for project updates, news and announcements. 

Creative City 2020

Creative City England CIC is a social enterprise based in Manchester, using the arts to support individuals and communities to grow.  

Creative City uses creative activities and events to support individuals to improve their wellbeing, gain confidence, connect to their community, generate new creative projects and lead social change. 

We are a small non-profit achieving big things! We celebrated our 2nd Birthday in March 2020. 

Here at Creative City we help build community by bringing people, groups and organisations together. Helping to connect skills and experience to wider audiences. 

Creative City often works in collaboration with others to host events, exhibitions, artworks and activities. We especially love to create and showcase artistic work that inspires people to engage with big ideas in interesting ways. 

Find out if we have any events coming up near you here

Creative City's values are all about participation, inclusion, diversity and democracy. Creative City is a not-for-profit organisation. Our purpose is underpinned by our aim to bring people closer to decision making, creatively. Find out more about us here

Some of Creative City's current projects involve supporting community spaces to become cultural hubs, developing creative participatory budgeting projects, delivering train the trainer projects and providing start up support to creatives, change-makers and social entrepreneurs. Keep up to date with new project announcements via our blog here.


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Or email us via or call the office phone on 07496084487

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